Roger Water new album

Roger Water new album

The Court of Milan for intellectual property has granted interim relief to the claim of plagiarism moved by renowned artist Emilio Isgrò, counseled by Salvatore Trifirò and Francesco Autelitano, against Roger Waters’ new album ‘Is This The Life We Really Want’.

Emilio Isgrò is famous for his peculiar style consisting in erasing all the words in a page. His works are exhibited at New York Moma, Paris Pompidou and Guggenheim in Venice etc.

The Court ordered Sony to stop marketing Roger Waters’  disc in CD and vinyl format, being in violation of copyright.

Salvatore Trifirò says “put Waters’ album and a work by Isgrò side by side and what you see is not distant inspiration or a clear quotation, but a blatant case of plagiarism.”

Some reviews associated Rogers’ album  with the artist although Isgrò was never contacted at any stage of the project.

The Judge doesn’t exclude alternative means of commercialization other than CD and vinyl formats, as the current formats violate I P.

Sony  presented its defence, the Judge postponed the hearing to 19 July 2017 and during this period the two parties will try to make an agreement.


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