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Deletion of humanum est. Copy autem diabolicum. Abstract by Federico Manfredi Ruling by Judge Silvia Giani , dated July 25, confirmed the earlier precedent-setting  decision, modifying the part prohibiting the marketing of the packaging of the disc “Is this life we really want?”, inflicting a penalty of €100 for every infringement. The case, which made…

39206645 - law cases and law books on a shelf

Cancellare humanum est. Copiare autem diabolicum. A cura di Federico Manfredi Paiono proprio queste le conclusioni ridotte all’osso della storica ordinanza del 25 luglio della Sezione specializzata in materia d’impresa con cui il Tribunale di Milano (Giudice Silvia Giani) ha confermato il decreto inaudita altera parte che inibiva la commercializzazione, la diffusione e la distribuzione…

39206645 - law cases and law books on a shelf

Roger Water new album The Court of Milan for intellectual property has granted interim relief to the claim of plagiarism moved by renowned artist Emilio Isgrò, counseled by Salvatore Trifirò and Francesco Autelitano, against Roger Waters’ new album ‘Is This The Life We Really Want’. Emilio Isgrò is famous for his peculiar style consisting in…

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