Trifirò & Partners provides legal assistance, court and arbitration services to private sector companies, (automotive, retail, pharmaceutical, transportation, publishing, health, post, tourism, entertainment, insurance, banking) the public sector, and to managers and administrators in the fields of labour law and civil law.



The firm provides legal assistance to businesses in all matters pertaining to employment relationships, from negotiation of contracts to advisory services related to development and termination, in addition to salary issues, providing assistance to clients in litigation in all grades of civil proceedings, administrative and arbitration.


The firm has extensive experience in the successful resolution of employment contracts with mutually satisfactory outcomes. Our lawyers are involved in all phases prior to collective or individual dismissals.


The firm handles litigation concerning outsourcing of business practices. Disinvestment strategies and outsourcing have prompted legislature, both locally and at the EU level, to to regulate this practice. Many disputes, especially with trade unions working with personnel transferred by such operations, have resulted in recent years. The experience gained by this firm has made it possible to successfully resolve these disputes, both in the negotiations and in court.


The firm provides advice on trade union law, negotiations, union agreements and litigation.


The firm advises on matters relating to agency relationships on behalf of major companies (including industries, banks, insurance companies). It is involved in the preparation of contractual texts, their review, and provides advice on every aspect of the relationship between agents and representatives. It provides legal assistance, throughout the national territory, in case of litigation.


The extensive experience of our firm in labour law is recognized by the business world. Our lawyers are particularly qualified in the execution of “due diligence” in order to evaluate and examine all aspects of employment relationships, as well as their implications in corporate law.



Our firm advises on corporate law in all stages of the life of a company from its establishment. We assist in the management of individual operations, adding members and corporate bodies in the assessment of legal implications related to the operations themselves, in the preparation of resolutions arising in the operations, in the preparation and modification of corporate statutes and contracts. We work with our clients in all areas of corporate litigation, including issues relating to insolvency and bankruptcy.


The firm handles disputes involving insurance relations. We work specifically in non-life (theft – fire – accidents, etc.), life (policies with recurring premiums and unique), and relationships with agents and insurance brokers. In particular, the firm deals with competition issues, misappropriation of client agents, misuse of power and responsibilities of brokers to clients.


In the field of commercial and contractual litigation the firm has extensive experience, both in arbitration and the proceedings in disputes before the ordinary judicial authorities. The firm is also involved in providing continuous advice regarding contracts, especially those of enterprises, such as distribution agreements and franchise contracts in real estate, procurement contracts and services.


Trifirò & Partners has professionals with expertise in the financial sector. The firm handles litigation in the investment services sector, financial derivatives of companies listed on regulated markets, as well as banking law in the strict sense. In the same context, the firm also operates in advising companies on debt restructuring and financial reorganisation.


The firm advises on disputes in the field of unfair competition, the transfer of employees, misappropriation of clients or the theft of company secrets, infringement of intellectual property rights, parasitic competition and defamation. We also provide assistance in matters of intellectual property and antitrust.


The firm advises on significant issues for leading football clubs.